Manufacturing Use Case

Direct Maintenance & Support

Fijoport’s customer is a supplier of industrial equipment to the manufacturing industry that also includes stringent service contracts.  The air compressor systems that they supply need to be operational at all times and any critical issues need immediate attention or there is a risk to their clients’ business continuity.

To provide this level of service, Fijowave’s client required a solution that allowed them to proactively monitor the system’s performance, receive email notifications of alarms and trips and carry out diagnostic and maintenance activities on a 24/7 basis. In addition, out-of-band secure remote access to their equipment on the customer site was essential to enable them achieve full control over user and device access with audit logging capabilities.

Manufacturing Company


  • Secure bi-directional encrypted connectivity between user and remote site.
  • Support for maintenance and management of devices on a 24/7 basis without user intervention at remote site.
  • Any access is limited to authorised personnel and all remote sessions are logged and auditable.
  • No software installations required on remote devices being accessed.


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