Today, secure connectivity to the internet is vital for all communication networks. That’s exactly what the Fijoport IoT platform offers.

Automated Backup

Configuration Backup

Off-site backup of equipment programming files

Reduce downtime in event of hardware failure

Replace hardware and restore configuration

Advanced Monitoring & Security

Proactive Security Analysis

Scan equipment for security vulnerabilities

Remote upgrading and security patching

Reduce security vulnerability and risk

Detect hacking risk

Network Health Check

Monitor network health

Aggregate statistics from monitored equipment

Measure throughput, latency and jitter

Optimise service availability

Smart Alerting

Avoid false alarms

Prevent data overload

Reliable detection of faults

Notification by email, SMS and dashboard

Ticketing System

Workflow management

Audit trail of all activity

Option to interface with external IT Service Management system

Next Generation

Fijosat- Integrated satellite, cellular (2.5G, 3G & 4G) WiFi and Serial

Proactive Remote Monitoring

Backup and advanced monitoring & security

Monitor availability of on-site equipment

Monitor network health

Reduce security vulnerability and risk

Optimise service availability

Soft Client

Virtualised Fijoport soft client application

Run on customer’s Hardware


On installation of the Fijoport box on the customer LAN, the list of devices that the CSE can access is programmed into the Fijoport.

The Fijoport product has been certified against the Mitel MiVoice Business platform and the Avaya IPO Office platform.

DECT Handsets

We have executive and ruggedised handsets that connect to single or multi cell base stations.

DECT Multi Cell Base Station

The Fijowave Business DECT solution can easily scale up to 254 bases & 1000 handsets, and is ideal for businesses requiring wireless coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings.

The Fijowave Business DECT product is has been certified against the Mitel MiVoice Business platform and the Avaya IPO Office platform.

DECT Single Cell Base Station

The Single Cell system is perfect for smaller businesses with fewer users.

DECT Repeater

The DECT repeater supports single-and multi-cell solutions, is wall-mountable and supports daisy chaining.

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