BT chose Fijoport as its remote access product of choice because, in our view, the platform was by far the most complete and cost effective offering we tested during our evaluation period.

There was a number of key criteria on which any prospective supplier had to satisfy us and these were:

  • Security
  • Adaptability – to a wide range of customer premises equipment
  • Cost effectiveness/return on investment
  • Reliability
  • Product roadmap/evolution
  • Supplier

Security: – was by far the most scrutinised element of the Fijoport and we were satisfied that it met the highest standards in terms of its encrypted connectivity to the customer site.  Furthermore, and this was very important for us and our customers, its design meant that it was limited to only accessing equipment it was authorised to monitor on the customer LAN.

Adaptability: – The Fijoport is product-agnostic and it can access any of our IP PABX equipment regardless of manufacturer.  As a supplier and service organisation with responsibility for many different streams of hardware/software, this was an important consideration when choosing a remote access platform.

Reliability: – Was shown to be outstanding during its trial phase and since its adoption, this has still proven to be the case.

Cost Effectiveness: – Remote access to customer premises equipment is the only means by which we can continue to offer our customers the level of service that they expect from an organisation like BT.  Not only is it more efficient in terms of fault turnaround, but it reduces “engineer footfall”.  Over 85% of our faults are now cleared remotely thus leaving engineers to deal with issues that require on-site presence.  Another important element of the Fijoport offering is that it does not require a dedicated line or dedicated VPN setup which represents an enormous saving to BT and our customers year-on-year.

Roadmap:- As the leading supplier of CPE in the UK and one of the largest service organisations, we continually strive to improve the level of support we give our customers. That is why the planned roadmap / evolution of the Fijoport was so important to us. Fijowave demonstrated that the product we adopted back in 2015, would be developed so that we could continue to offer our Enterprise and Public Sector customers an unrivalled service.  This they have done and continue to do within tight timescales.

Fijowave, as a supplier, have been ahead of the game at all times in providing us with a remote access platform that is unrivalled anywhere in the UK and possibly anywhere in Europe

David Martin, Product Manager BT

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