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Indirect Maintenance & Support

A global mobile operator is using Fijoport for indirect maintenance and support to manage its customer sites. The telco allows its suppliers to carry out maintenance on the equipment that they have supplied to the mobile operator’s customers.

The Fijoport on-site box can manage devices on the customer LAN and each vendor is given private access to their own equipment only. Thanks to this unique Fijoport feature, the telco is able to provide a ‘hands-off’ maintenance service to its customer base without compromising security.

Broadcast Media Company


  • Secure bi-directional encrypted connectivity between user and remote site.
  • Support for maintenance and management of devices on a 24/7 basis without user intervention at remote sites.
  • Any access is limited to authorised personnel and all remote sessions are logged and auditable.
  • No software installations required on remote devices being accessed.


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