Wind Farm Maintenance

Use case

Wind Farm Maintenance

A renewable energy company has different sized wind farms in various locations that are distant from each other. Travelling to any location can take an engineer up to 3 hours, in some cases, they need need to be accompanied for health and safety, as well as for security reasons.This makes the process very time consuming, difficult to cordinate and costly.

With Fijoport, the company can now monitor and manage its instalations remotely, resulting in a reduction of site visits as well as an improvement in response times. All access to a remote site is established by the Fijoport portal server and it records all such sessions and the work carried out.

Legacy equipment often operates with software that is no longer supported and is vulnerable to cyberattack. The company has deployed Fijoport in front of this equipment to provide immediate protection from attack and facilitate an orderly security upgrade programme.


  • Secure bi-directional encrypted connectivity between user and remote site.
  • Support for maintenance and management of devices on a 24/7 basis without user intervention at remote sites.
  • Any access is limited to authorised personnel and all remote sessions are logged and auditable.
  • No software installations required on remote devices being accessed.


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