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We are now Avaya DevConnect Technology Partners

14th April 2022

We are proud to announce that Fijowave is from this year 2022 an AVAYA DevConnect Technology Partner.

This achievement enables Fijowave to offer AVAYA business partners advanced and tailored cyber secure remote asset management solutions so you can control, monitor and protect your critical assets.

Avaya business partners can now find us easily at the Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner marketplace website. Thanks to the efforts from Avaya and Fijowave engineering teams, we have enhanced Fijoport, a remote multi-asset management device compatible & tested solution for AVAYA range of products, as well as for third party products such as Firewalls, Switches, SBCs, Routers and other IP products.

Visit AVAYA Market place in the following link


“We look forward to work as an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner to be of service of Avaya business partners to help them reach their goals faster, by providing cyber secure remote management solutions to optimize their existing specialized resources time by reducing costly call outs and carbon footprint and at the same time have peace of mind, simplicity, efficiency and confidence on your remote connections.”

Michael O’Keeffe, CEO


Fijowave Avaya Technology Partner


How does Fijoport work?

Our solution Fijoport enables customers to remotely access, control, and proactively monitor equipment 24/7 in locations that make physical access either too costly or difficult. Only authorised users may access the Portal and all communications with remote sites, which are encrypted, are set up via this server.

How does Avaya’s products interact with Fijoport?

You can monitor, control, and update your assets from a single, user-friendly dashboard, that provides the same user experience for all devices without the installation of any additional software. Using Fijoport, there is no need for in-depth technical knowledge to monitor and control your critical voice and data network infrastructure components such as firewalls, switches, PBXs, SBCs and servers. All sessions are recorded and are auditable in real time or retrospectively.


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