Legacy Equipment Maintenance Use Case

Direct & indirect Maintenance

Legacy equipment usually works with software that is no longer supported with security updates (for example, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7). For that reason, this equipment could be vulnerable to hackers. Companies that wish to avoid that risk, may deploy Fijoport as a layer of protection in front of this legacy equipment and eliminate any risk of cyber-attack.


  • Secure bi-directional encrypted connectivity between user and remote site.
  • Support for maintenance and management of devices on a 24/7 basis without user intervention at remote sites.
  • Any access is limited to authorised personnel and all remote sessions are logged and auditable.
  • No software installations required on remote devices being accessed.


Why choose Fijoport?

Automated Backup

Advanced Monitoring & Security

Network Health Check

Proactive Remote Monitoring

Smart Alerting

Workflow Management

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