Energy Company Use case

Secure Remote Access to Electricity Substation

A Fijowave partner – a global telco – markets our remote access platform to its Enterprise customers. One of these, a leading Spanish energy company, will use Fijoport to provide engineers with the ability to remotely access IP-enabled and legacy equipment at electricity substations as if they were directly connected to the equipment on-site.

The energy company chose Fijoport as it provides both in-band and out-of-band remote access and the Fijoport portal server allows only authorised users access any site, while also providing audit logs of all access sessions. With our remote access solution, the company can now avoid the security and health & safety challenges associated with giving clearance to restricted areas to their engineers.

Energy Company


  • Secure bi-directional encrypted connectivity between user and remote site.
  • Support for 24/7 management of devices without user intervention at remote site.
  • Fijoport establishes a encrypted bi-directional link that may only be accessed by authorized users.
  • No software installations required on remote devices being accessed.


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