Avaya Asset Management

You can monitor, control, and update your Avaya’s voice and data infrastructures from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

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Since 2022 Fijowave is an AVAYA DevConnect Technology Partner.

Avaya business partners can now find us easily at the Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner marketplace website.

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Remote Asset Management for Avaya Products


Discover how Fijoport helps asset management, unifying in one dashboard the AVAYA’s voice and data network infrastructure maintenance


Avaya Asset Management Use Cases

Remote Access Solution

Use case remote access Avaya Asset management

Remote Access Solution

By deploying a Fijoport on site, channel partners can configure on demand secure out of band remote access to on premises voice equipment.

Voice equipment on site may incorporate many components including Avaya PBX devices (Aura, IPO Connect/500v2/SE), host servers, hypervisors, virtual machines, firewalls and telephones.

Fijoport Remote Access allows channel partners to provide fast and effective customer support without having to travel to site.

Centrally located support technicians can use their favourite Avaya management tools including Manager, System Status, Monitor, System Manager, Web Manager.

Faults may be diagnosed and fixed remotely. If a site visit is necessary, then the right technician can be sent to site with the right tools and replacement equipment to fix the job – avoiding a costly second trip.

Fijoport may be deployed as software or in a small low power hardware format.

Advanced Monitoring and Security

Fijowave Fijoport Avaya use case

Advanced Monitoring and Security

By deploying a Fijoport on site, channel partners can configure automated retrieval of Avaya PBX status information from all of their customer sites to a central monitoring dashboard.

Alert events are highlighted on the dashboard allowing the creation of an efficient centralised customer support centre supporting tens of thousands of customers.

Inventories of customer site hardware and licenses are also available on the dashboard. This allows support technicians to quickly identify failing hardware and expired licenses.

Alert notifications may also be received by email and SMS

Advanced Monitoring and Security

Fijowave Fijoport Avaya use case resilience voice failover

Resilient Voice failover to LTE

By deploying a Fijoport 3001, channel partners can configure all external voice calls to route through our resilient voice gateway device.

In the event of the customers primary internet connection going down, external voice calls will fail-over to the 4G network. When the fault is resolved, voice calls will seamlessly fail-back to the primary internet connection.

The Fijoport 3001 can also provide resilient Remote Access and Advanced Monitoring and Security services.

Secure NTP server

Channel partners can avoid lots of problems with unreliable NTP services by simply configuring their Avaya PBX to use the Fijoport as the NTP server. The Fijoport NTP server is always kept up to date through its secure connection with the centralised customer support centre.

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